Monument Multifamily Investors Fund


Monument Multifamily Investors (MMI) is the first fund under Monument Capital Management’s sponsorship. MMI is a joint venture that purchased more than $122 million in multifamily real estate. The portfolio includes ten properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States. MMI focused on assets that provided an opportunity through a combination of demographic trends, repositioning, ownership structure, or location, all of which enabled MMI to purchase assets below market value.

  • Maryland

    Beltway Portfolio [759 Units], Suitland, MD Purchased For $58,430,000 Multifamily Investors Fund Shadyside Gardens [349 Units], Suitland, MD Purchased For $27MM Monument…

  • North Carolina

    Casa Del Sol [176 Units], Raleigh, NC Purchased For $7,200,000 Multifamily Investors Fund Wellington Farm [254 Units], Charlotte, NC Purchased For $7,600,000…

  • South Carolina

    Hampton Forest [130 Units], Greenville, SC Purchased For $5,400,000 Multifamily Investors Fund

  • Alabama

    Cypress Gardens [150 Units], Hoover, AL Purchased For $5,000,000 Multifamily Investors Fund The Willows [169 Units], Hoover, AL Purchased For $5,200,000 Multifamily…

  • Florida

    The Park At Monument Terrace [144 Units], Temple Terrace, FL Purchased For $5.3MM Monument Multifamily Inverstors

  • Texas

    Sutton Place [201 Units], Corpus Christi, TX Purchased For $10.00M Monument Multifamily Inverstors Forest View [158 Units], Baytown, TX Purchased For $4.9MM…

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