Monument Capital Management, an A-Rod CORP company founded by Alex Rodriguez and Ramon Corona in 2012, is one of the nation’s premier fully-integrated real estate investment firms that strategically identifies multifamily acquisitions in markets with a robust demand for workforce housing throughout the U.S. With a successful track record, Monument Capital Management has acquired more than $750 million of real estate assets across 14 states nationwide through opportunity funds and strategic joint ventures.

Our Funds

Monument Multifamily Investors Fund I

Monument Multifamily Investors Fund (MMI) was the first fund under Monument Capital Management’s sponsorship.  Launched in 2013, the Fund acquired more than 2,700 workforce housing units across the U.S. totaling $123 million in value.

Monument Opportunity Fund

Monument Opportunity Fund (MOF) is the second fund launched by Monument Capital Management in 2014. MOF purchased 15 properties in 15 months, totaling $151 million and 3,000 units…


Monument Opportunity Fund III

Monument Capital Management launched Monument Opportunity Fund III (MOFIII) in September 2015 and successfully added 11 properties, totaling 2,400 units, with $129 million in total assets…


Monument Opportunity Fund IV

Monument Capital Management launched Monument Opportunity Fund IV (MOFIV) in May 2019, with a target capital raise of $50 million…



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